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Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:31 pm

Right rules are rules and are there for a reason. Anyone who breaks them may be subjected to a temporary ban or in extreme cases a permanent ban. If you have any problems with the rules take it up with an admin.

[*] No flaming or any intentional abuse towards any of your fellow users
[*] No double posting, although not a serious crime it is still annoying
[*] Treat the staff with respect as you would other members as well
[*] If you have any problems with a member of staff please take it up with an admin, DO NOT take matters into your own hands as it makes our job as admins harder to see who started the whole conflict
[*] Please POST IN THE RIGHT forum
[*] No spam, which is different to double posting. Spam includes: meaningless posts, multiple posts, short posts eg. under a sentence
[*] Please try to keep you RP post as high quality as you can, and please try to make them longer then one sentence (not a rule but a request) Wink
[*] HAVE FUN, there is no point not to

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