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White and Obsidian Kampfer Empty White and Obsidian Kampfer

Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:58 pm

Please note that each member is restricted to one obsidian and white kampfer with the exception of staff who are only allowed one + there mod (note staff are only allowed one mod for ether white or obsidian not both)
- so in short you can have one white kampfer and one obsidian kampfer
- and staff have their one mod kampfer in one of the teams

whats the difference between white kampfer, obsidian kampfer and other kampfer?
White and obsidian kampfer gain extras as such you are restricted to one, otherwise no one would go for red or blue team.

Yes wings, angels and demons, light and dark, white and obsidian.
At 500 points you will be able to design wings for your white or obsidian kampfer
just edit and re-submit your original app with them added in, in a new section
Kampfer appearance: blah blah
Kampfer wings: enter here

Dark and light Powers
White and obsidian kampfer will have access to special light and dark powers.
- For example: guns that fire shadow rounds or light rounds or swords that are made of light or shadow
As you can guess new powers come with new rules and as such so do these.
- Do not god mod powers
- dark and light Zauber have to obey normal zauber rules (basically do not god mod)
- Powers have to be more detailed then just dark or light
- they are add ons to Zauber (magic)/ Gewehr (guns)/ and Schwert (bladed mêlée weapons) NOT DIFFERENT
so don't let me find this: "kampfer power=darkness"
- can i change from the power I have? yes as long as it stays realistically the same (so if you have a gun then you can't change to zauber or schwerts, or if you have a hand gun you can't change to a rocket launcher)
- If you have a power and you want to add the dark/light power to it you can. Just do the same as you would for a higher rank

a little more for dark and light zauber users
- read the zauber rules
- Please do not god mod your power
- and be creative

Let me make this clear if it wasn't assumed already:
[size=150]White Kampfer Can Only Have Light Power Add On [/size]NOT DARK
[size=150]Obsidian Kampfer Can Only Have Dark Power Add On [/size]NOT LIGHT

So whats the go with white and obsidian kampfer?
I'll sum this up nice and quick
- White kampfer follow the story plot of the anime (whatever that turns out to be)
- Obsidian are like White Kampfer in all aspects but are opposite
- Obsidian Kampfer support war and chaos between red and blue team

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