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Charlie sighed quietly and sat down at a table, dropping her bag on the seat next to her and resting her chin in her hand. Her morning had not been all that normal, to say the least. Absentmindedly, Charlie began nibbling the corner of the reciept as she wondered who that bi-polar girl was with that sword.

"And whats with the bracelet..." Charlie muttered, tugging at it a little bit. Looking down at her baggy pants, she considered buying some girls clothes. Not like she didnt want to keep wearing her usual clothes, it was just an issue of them falling off; not something she wanted to happen at all. Noticing her name being called out, Charlie got up and grabbed her food, thanking the cashier boy quickly and returning to her seat. Pulling out her sub, she ripped a small bit off and munched on it, looking around the food court slowly.

Oliver walked into the busy food court still wondering about the girl he met on the roof, Marisa, moments ago. GLOW GLOW "Ah, what not now, not here." Oliver quickly ducked into an empty stairwell; re-appearing in his kampfer form, a girl with aqua blue eyes, green hair wearing a school uniform. Rosa frowned "Why is it always a school uniform, I'm not even in school anymore. Sigh* ah well"

Joyfully walking out the stairwell, humming, Rosa walked up to food counter and placed an order and grabbing a ticket. Looking around she sat promptly at the closest table to her where a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes was sitting. "Hiiiiiiii!" She exclaimed waving her hand in front of the girls face.

Marisa walked into the mall, noticing but not really caring that she startled a few people. Her arm was still bleeding heavily where a large cut was. She looked around for the guy she was supposed to be meeting, though she was barely paying attention. It was obvious that she was zoned out with how she moved and her eyes barely showing anything. She had reverted to her non-kampfer form, with black hair and purple eyes. Blood dripped along behind her but no one seemed to dare say anything about it. She looked past Oliver without realizing it, especially since he had shifted.

Charlie chewed on the sub slowly, becoming a little more used to being a girl now she had calmed down. Reaching for her drink, she paused when her vision was filled with a persons hand, and a girls voice greeting her cheerily.

"Uh.. hi?" Charlie said hesitantly, seeing a girl with green hair and aqua eyes sitting at the table.

Rosa ignoring Charlie looked up to see Marisa walk in her arm bleeding. Slamming her hands on the table, spilling her drink and standing up, She directed "Look person" Rosa pointed at Marisa, referring to Charlie as the person in question. Pulling a roll of bandages out of her pocket, that she had bought earlier as a guy, Rosa looked at Charlie and frowned. "You just going to sit there?" And with that Rosa lunged at the girls arm, evidently what would be followed by Charlie being dragged across the court to Marisa.

Charlie jumped when she slammed her hands on the table, slightly confused at this girl. Looking where she pointed, she saw Marisa, the girl from the morning standing there with a bleeding arm.

"Hey.... i recognise her-wait what?" Charlie said, noticing the girl lunge at her arm suddenly.

"Come on" Rosa whined grabbing Charlie's arm pulling her towards Marisa. "She need our help and everyone else is to lazy being scared"

"But... i know that girl!" Charlie said, letting herself get pulled towards Marisa. "....she tried to kill me" she muttered.

"I could kill for cake to" Rosa commented, still dragging Charlie "But we have to help Marisa First" Reaching Marisa Rosa burst into her usual greeting "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" She dropped Charlie and waved. "I have some bandages here for you" Rosa held up the bandages

Marisa look at Rosa boredly. "One, i don't know who you are. Two this wound is self inflicted. Three.... Your dragging around my enemy." Despite being next to two kampfer, for some reason her bracelet didn't start to shine at all. Though there wasn't much difference visually between herself and her kampfer self, just hair color and eye color change... and sometimes clothing.

Charlie sighed and stepped back a little, not too happy to be so close to someone who had threatened to kill her. Glancing at the bandages Rosa held up, she wondered why Marisa had inflicted that wound on herself.

"This is awkward..."

"But you do know me silly, we meet on the roof earlier" Rosa smiled still holing the bandages up. "Now put these on, and if you don't I will." Noticing Charlie step back Rosa looked at him "You stay here unless you want me to scream saying your the one who hurt Marisa"

Marisa kept her hand over the wound, half-glaring at Rosa. "You look nothing like yourself as kampfer...then again, neither does that coward that's trying to hide. Still, no. You saw me inflict this wound i have it there for a reason. notice the fact that I'm not shifting right now. I've had worse anyway..."

"Hey hey, I'm not a coward." Charlie said, narrowing her eyes a little at Marisa before turning to Rosa/

"I don't think you screaming that i did that to her would stop me from backing away." She glanced at Marisa again, interested by the fact that she wasn't swinging her sword around wildly and threatening her. Not taking any chances, Charlie took a small step back and stood there watching.

"You havnt seen me when im not a girl, so how would you know what i look like?"

"I feel nothing like myself as a kampfer and everything i do i'll probably regret latter but right now i don;t give a hoot." Rosa turned her attention to Charlie who was still backing of. "Don't be dense, look around you as if we're going to murder you in the middle of a crowed shopping center. Plus that large blue bracelet you have dangling round your wrist is a dead give away" Rosa rummaged through her pocket to find the scrunched up paper ball which she threw at Charlie. Swiveling back to Marisa Rosa continued "I have bandages, you have a wound. I bought them for you to use, so please use them even if you tie this little girl up." She pointed at Charlie "Actually..." She turned back to Charlie "...What is your name?"

Charlie caught the scrunched up paper, but didnt read it. Glancing around, she grabbed a chair and pulled it a little closer, sitting on it casually. Ignoring Rosa's musings about tying her up,"A dead give away?", Charlie smiled a little.

"And i was trying so hard to hide it and all" She muttered, flicking the bracelet and looking up at them both. "Im Charlie...." Charlie said, almost regretting using her actual name.

Marisa still refused the bandages. "I'm not going to use them so just put them away already." She glanced at her bracelet, then at Rosa's, then at Charlie's. "...Its two against one...we could easily kill her and get rid of an early rival." She glanced to the side noticing a random passerby had managed to hear her say that. "oops..." She didn't really look like she cared.

"WE could!" Rosa gave Charlie a manic look. then looking at the passer by and waving "Its an eating contest!" turning back to Marisa "... But there are to many people" giving up Rosa threw the bandages at Charlie. "You failed at hiding it the moment i walked in, glow, glow zoom kampfer you or another blue must be near by. The only way your going to able to hid is in a crowd."

"Yes there are too many people here, want to go to my house and do it there?" Another passerby gave her a dirty look. "...I can't seem to say things correctly can i?" She glared at nothing, kind of bored now.

Charlie looked from Rosa to Marisa, feeling like she was about to get over her head in something she didnt want to be near.

"I wasnt exactly trying to hide you know.." Charlie said, standing up slowly and sliding the chair back towards the table with her leg. If they planned to take her back to Marisa's house, Charlie didnt really want to know what they would do.

"Yeah, anyway,i have....something" She said slowly, casualy walking towards the exits.

"Oh great idea Mr Charlie" Rosa tagged along behind him. "Come on Marisa lets follow Carlie Brown around."

Marisa shrugged and followed silently, glaring at anyone who looked at her...which was a lot of people.

Glancing around, she saw a retail store and wandered in casually, not paying attention to where she was going only to find herself in the middle of the womens section. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Charlie decided to 'look' around for some stuff; seeing as she was a girl and all.

"How the hell am i going to lose those losers.." She muttered as she browsed through some jeans before moving off to the underwear section, hesitantly.

Marisa grinned, then snuck around only to appear right in front of Charlie. "One, you're not going to lose us. Two....having fun in the women's section?" She laughed oddly.

Charlie sighed a little, "Well, if i thought it was going to be that easy, i would have just kept walking out of the mall.." she glanced around and picked up some underwear, looking it over.

"And yeah, its more fun than when i'm stuck in here as a guy, thats for sure."

"Maybe i should just kill you now.... goddammit why do i always say something like that ONLY when someone is passing near..." She watched a passerby glance at her then run off. "Frikin... people."

"not a perv, simply stuck in the wrong section of the shop while waiting for others to finish shopping" Charlie muttered, dropping the clothing back on the hanger and walking off towards the guys section.

"You always say that when people walk by because you have no sense of subtlety."

Marisa attempted to bash her in the back of the head...hard enough so that if it connected she would definitely fall. "You're right i don't. Frankly, i don't give a damn."

Charlie jumped out of the way, almost colliding with a rack of clothing. She rolled her eyes a little and continued walking through the guys section, a little faster than before.

"You also seem to have no sense of timing..." As she said this, she ran straight into the back of a store employee and fell over.

"And YOU have no sense of direction." She started laughing insanely, not caring about the employee near them.

"That i don't deny" Charlie muttered, standing up and rubbing her back. Looking at Marisa curiously, she wondered whether this girl was bi-polar or something.

"Yeah, anyway. Im going home..." Charlie said, heading towards the exit.

Rosa jumped on the employees back knocking them to the ground " I need some clothes to!" She jumped off the dazed and slightly activated employee. "This way. zuom" She grabbed for both Marisa's and Charlie's wrists in an attempt to drag them off back to the girls side

"Maybe later, i'm glowing." Marisa dodged her hand and ran off to the bathrooms. It wasn;t much of a change but a different hair color and eye color suddenly could startle someone.

Charlie sighed, "Can you stop trying to drag me places? I can only guess that your not going to treat me very well....what with me wearing this stupid blue bracelet and all."

Grabbing some clothes, she walked through the girls side, grabbing some underwear and heading for the changing rooms. Looking back over her shoulder, she said at Rosa, a little too loudly "Don't follow me in here... it would be creepy." A couple of people glanced her way with odd expressions before hurrying off.

"Marisa?" Rosa questioned as she rushed off. "Okay Charlieeeee!" Rosa shouted as Charlie went off to the changing rooms. "I'll be out here if you need me, Caaaaarlieee." spinning round a couple of times she looked at the rack of clothes closest to her.

Marisa walked out of the bathrooms soon...and almost immediately heard someone scream. "Ah! help there's an armed person here!" Marisa shook her head and sighed. "I can't go anywhere can i?" She face-palmed and walked past the staring people towards Rosa. "Good god this is annoying...just because i have a sword."

Charlie rolled her eyes as she tried on the clothes, "People scream too much. God its annoying.."
Looking in the mirror she smiled, the clothes looked good enough. Exiting the change rooms, she saw Marisa standing there, in kampfer form.

".....Subtle. very subtle."

Rosa jumped out of a cloth rack yelling "Marisa you've changed" in her normal sing song voice. "But I really think you should find some better way of hiding your schwertz"

Marisa glanced over at Rosa suddenly shy. "H-hide it?...but i...can't find anywhere to hide it... And it wont let me let go of it..."

"Pah, just buy a nice pair of long trousers and shove it down those. It might be a bit uncomfortable but it'll do the trick in public, tho it will affect the way you walk"

Charlie stared at them for a second, before walking off to a check-out counter. "Pants...schwert? i dont even want to know.."
She paid for the clothes, stuffing her old one into her bag and slinging it back over her shoulder and started walking casually towards the shop entrance.

Marisa's eye twitched. "..You expect me to do that?.... I feel like hitting you with the sheath right now." She went ahead and attempted to strike the side of her head with the sword, still sheathed.

"epp" Rosa ducked, just in time to miss the swing. "hay, have you got a better idea? I mean you could always buy a trench coat and hide it in that but its just as bad in fact worse" Rosa noticed the check-out-counter ping and directed her attention to it, seeing Charlie on his way out. "Marisa look Charlie is leaving"

"One, i dont care. and yes i have a better idea. Continue hitting you with this." She took another swing, then if ti missed she would instantly reverse the direction and try again.

"Ah why?" Rosa dived into the clothes rack crawling out the other side and standing up. "Not fair I can't use my powers here" Rosa frowned at Marisa

Charlie laughed as she looked back over her shoulder,seeing Marisa swing at Rosa a few times.

"least its not me"

Marisa grinned and sprinted towards Charlie at an extremely fast pace, holding sheath ready to hit...hard. She pushed past a random person, sending them sprawling. She didn't seem to notice the police had also shown up just now.

"Oh dear god."
Eyes widening in surprise, Charlie dived to the side to avoid Marisa.Scrambling to stand up, she put a clothes rack or two between her and Marisa, watching her cautiously.

"Please don't tell me Im going to have to fight you again.."

Rosa ran over to the police stopping them shortly "Doughnuts!" Clearly not impressed and more concerned about the event unfolding behind her they shoved Rosa aside and continued on the the source of the disturbance.

Marisa giggled madly and spotted the cops. " You lucky bitch...maybe." When the cops neared she spun around, kicking the nearest the face. "Outa my way, i've got someone to hurt." She took out the next cop by hitting him in the head with her sheath. She then returned her attention to Charlie. "Ready yet?" She didn't bother taking care of the rest of the they were backing away.

Charlie watched Marisa kick a policeman and cringed.
"Im going to say no. But i doubt that you're going to care." Charlie said quickly, jumping over another clothes rack and running for another door. there was no way she could take Marisa on, especially without those swords she had at the school.

Rosa ran over to Marisa stepping over all the cloths on the floor. "Marisa I really think we should get out of here before they get back up." She point at a policeman on his radio

Marisa looked at Rosa then the police fearfully...suddenly shy. "I..i... O-ok, where too? We can't go out the front door..." Her hands started shaking.

"Oh now she turns back!" Charlie muttered, turning to look where she was going only to run into door. Groaning, she stood up from her position on the ground and pulled the door open, rubbing her forehead.

"Figures.." she said irritably, and dashed out of the store and out of the mall, heading for the National Park.

"We'll have to get out through the emergency exit into the stairwell, all we need is a distraction" Rosa smiled "I have an idea, on the count of three head for the door. One, Two..." Rosa hovered her hands above the ground "Three" A powerful burst of wind shot our from her hands send cloths flying everywhere. "Now run"

Marisa started running quickly...but some of the flying clothing got in her face...she ran into a wall, landing on the floor with a thud. The police outside saw what happened and ran towards Marisa. Marisa didn't move.

Rosa reached the door and looked around to see Marisa on the floor and the police moving in. "Marisa!" Rosa shouted then running over and grabbing her arm "Come on!" Rosa shouted again pulling on her arm with haste.

Marisa just lay limp. She had cleanly smacked her head into the wall. The police were moving faster than Rosa could drag Marisa.

Charlie stopped walking as she saw a bunch of police rushing towards the mall. She hesitated, stepping to and from the direction of the mall before looking to the sky

"This probably wont end well........ screw it" she said, spinning back towards the mall and taking off at a run. Reaching the store, she saw Rosa trying to drag Marisa, who appeared to be stunned, away from the advancing police.

"Distraction time.." Glancing around, she saw a drink machine and walked over to it casually, buying a can. Tossing it up and down a few times, Charlie tested the weight before throwing the can at the panels of glass running across the front of the shop, causing it to shatter violently and split the can open. Clearly alarmed, the police turned to see what had made that noise.

"Uhh.... morning gents." Charlie said, throwing a few more cans at the shop before saluting them and making her escape up an escalator, the police in hot pursuit.

Rosa jumped as the glass widow shattered, stopping she looked over to see what happened and saw charlie over the other side of the police throwing what appeared to be cans of soft drink at the police and making an escape up the escalator. Turning to Marisa Rosa urged "Marisa get up! look The some of the police are going after Charlie. Come on get up we out run these guys." Rosa's logic behind saying this was that the police left were the should be the ones t slow and unfit to chase Charlie. Rosa continued to pull on Marisa's arm.

Marisa still lay limp. She had fallen unconscious not just shocked. She had been running at near full speed after all...

"Damn it" Rosa stopped dragging Marisa and faced the police. Extending her right hand she let lose a blade of wind tearing the sleeve to pieces. The police backed off frighted by the magical wind. Rosa sliced the empty metal clothes rack next to her in half and pointed towards the three remaining police; who backed off more reaching to their belts. At this Rosa dashed closer and with a wide sweep of her arm sent a low power slash towards them enough to give them a dozen small cuts and damaging their uniform. "Run along now, or else" Rosa raised her arm in with the threat sending them running. Walking back over to Marisa Rosa attempted to lift her and carry her through the exit door to the stairwell.

"Come on Marisa wake up I can't carry you all the way out the mall. Its to hard!" Rosa whined, shaking Marisa at the bottom of the stairwell under the staircase.

Charlie slid around a corner, running across a small path between either side of the walkways, the police still following her somewhat closely. Breathing deeply, Charlie slowed down to a jog, thinking of how to get out of the mall without the police following. The stomp of police boots made her jump away from the railing she had leant against, and she began running again, stumbling down the escalator again.

"Aww man. I am not fit enough for this." She muttered, slowing as she reached the store she trashed, realising that Marisa and Rosa had escaped. Picking up a can that had rolled from the machine, she opened it and took a sip, sighing with satisfaction.Glancing at the broken glass, Charlie decided that it might be good to leave this mess, and returning to her previous idea, she jogged casually out of the mall and off towards the national park, feeling at least a little pleased with her efforts.

Marisa still lay limp..... She hadn't even heard Rosa at all. ((just leave her >> she'll be fine.... i think))

(Leave her '0.o')
Hearing voices Rosa draged Marisa further under the stairwell. Rosa took a piece of paper out her pocket and a pen writing a note for marisa "Have distracted the police, stay safe" Rosa placed the note in Marisa's hand and covered her with a nearby cardboard box and burst through the escape door. Seconds latter two policemen ran down the stair seeing the open door and following in pursuit of Rosa.

(Right... my mind won't let me do a proper post right now so i'm just going to say it. The police searched for her, since it was a fairly large charge of assaulting police and attempted murder among other things...and found her still unconscious. She's in prison now... but can be visited)

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