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Post  Zenith44 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:21 pm

First Name: Samantha
Last-Name: Clearwater
Age: 19
Gender: female
Team: Blue

Power: Schwert (bladed mêlée weapons)
Power description: Samantha duel wields a blue steel Katana in her right hand and in her left a knuckle blade. the katana at normal length and average weight. The knuckle blade curves on each knuckle and flicks out like a flame on one end. Samantha also has large buster blade on her back which is about two meters in length. The hilt is rounded with a sapphire trapped inside. The blade is a dull black colour and has small writing up the middle in a runic language. The handle on the blade is a a plain cloth wrapped around the metal. Slightly increased speed and strength

Smart, caring, kind, considerate, helpful, talented, determined and strong willed.
- to keep busy by cooking, cleaning, studying, working
- fav food= ice-cream (cookies and cream)
- Fav drink= water
- helping others
- Mean, nasty, snide people who bully others for fun
- Violence
- Being a Kampfer on moral grounds

Samantha's eyes are a ruby red and her hair is a dull blue. She has a fair complexion and wears bright coloured clothing, And most often a large sun hat. looks like:
Samantha Clearwater 1247449519_8951_full

Kampfer Personality:
Calculated, serious, logical, humorless, cold, relentless but not mean nor nasty; determined and strong willed.
- Silence
- logic
- Personal space
- Wide open areas
- Nature (soft spot)
- Annoying, pointless or personal questions
- Loud crowds of people
- People who are stupid in her opinion
- Weaklings and Noobs (again in her opinion)
- Her other self; tho is often affected by her will (In her opinion her other self is weak for being kind to others)

Kampfer Appearance:
In kampfer form Samantha's eyes are a emerald green and her hair is a dull blue. She wears long coat/cloak which extends all the way to her feet. It is tied at her waist with blue cloth and is a brown colour with light brown trimming and fur trimming around her neck. On both arms around both elbows is a blue strip of cloth connected to her coat/cloak. Samantha in Kampfer form wears a simple bra made of a singular strip of cloth in the same colour as her coat. She also wears a long skirt with large slits at both ends on her sides. Around her left leg is a holster for her knuckle blade. She does not wear shoes, but gold bracelets around her ankles.
Samantha Clearwater Sexy_green_hair_anime_girl

Messenger personality:
Sleepy all the time, often falls asleep for no reason or half way through something

Messenger Appearance:
A fairy penguin with the trademark dagger and guts hanging out its stomach
Samantha Clearwater Bg3961272035943fairy%20penguin

Samantha became a kampfer at the age of five, both her parents were also blue kampfer but were killed by rouge kampfer when Samantha was ten. This left a massive impact on Samantha's life, leading her to hate being a kmapfer. After her parents died her grandparents took her in (not kampfers) where she went to school and meet a boy kampfer who taught her how to control her powers and kampfer form. One night while training they were ambushed by a group of red team kampfer who killed the boy but not Samantha who in her kampfer form at the time wiped them all out killing them without mercy. She was sixteen at this point. After she ran away from her grand parents and is now living in an rented apartment. She is in her final year of study at Seitetsu Gakuin High School.

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