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Cannons/Adoption/Submission Rules Empty Cannons/Adoption/Submission Rules

Post  Zenith44 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:30 pm

Simple Summary
- If you wish to adopt, post on the application in the adoption area and contact admin
- If you wish to resign a character for adoption contact an admin and make a post in the resignation forum
- If you wish to adopt a cannon character make a normal character app in the cannons team (remember to check if its taken or not)

If you wish to adopt a character please post on the application wich will be located in the adoption area. Once your request has been granted the application will be moved to the respective teams recruitment area and you will be able to modify and re-submit the character.

When Resigning a character please make a post in the resignation forum above, and your character will be moved into adoption. When resigning a character you agree that you forfeit all ownership over it, that the character is no longer yours to RP with. Please think over the action carefully as you might not be able to get that character back.

Admin Instruction
When moving Threads please rename the topic with [Adopt]
The thread is named "My character"
then rename it "[Adopt]My character"

Cannon Characters

To apply for a cannon character make a new topic in this forum(Cannon Characters) and fill out a character normal character application with the cannons details. Please remember to check if the character is taken. If the application does not meet requirements it will be rejected as cannon character players are expected to be able to produce quality and be on the forums frequently. Any person who goes inactive may have there cannon character revoked unless a respectable reason is given.

Cannon power levels are based on the Anime but a very small amount on your application. Cannons can not be levelled up nor can they be re-submitted. Cannons do not go into adoption, but can still be resigned as normal. Resigned cannon become free on the list and members can apply for them again the same way (with the character application)

Main characters

Natsuru Senō

Akane Mishima

Shizuku Sangō

Mikoto Kondō

Kaede Sakura

White Kämpfers

Rika Ueda

Sayaka Nakao

Ryōka Yamakawa

Hitomi Minagawa


Kanji Higashida

Masumi Nishino

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