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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:43 pm

The rules on characters are such that there is a five character limit to one account and each account is NOT limited to one team but team RANKINGS are limited to one Team eg. you can't be leader of blue team and apply to be ranked in red team.

[*] please RP in third person
[*] See RP rules and posting rules
[*] Please title the topic as "[Pending] (your character full name)"
[*] ADMINS please remove [pending] and add [confirmed] or [Rejected] to the topic name

DO NOT GOD MOD please keep character application reasonable
The power of a Kampfer will be determined on the power ranking system

Character Application

First Name:
Age: (keep it realistic)
Gender: male/female
Team: blue/red/obsidian/white

Power: Zauber (magic)/ Gewehr (guns)/ and Schwert (bladed mêlée weapons)
Power description: (Please explain your power in full detail we will ask if there are uncertain information)

Kampfer Personality:
Kampfer Appearance:

A kampfers basic abilities are more then a normal humans
Please select:
- One skill for master level
- One skill for expert level
- Two skills for advanced level
- The rest will be basic level

+ Stamina
+ Strength
+ Dexterity (Includes reflexes and hand eye co-ordination)
+ Speed (Includes travel speed and dodging)
+ Hand to hand combat skills

Messanger Name:
Messenger personality:
Messenger Appearance:

Extra information:

RP sample:

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