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Post  blackrose on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:34 pm

Username: Neresei/assassain77

First Name: Marisa
Last-Name: Xceran
Age: 24
Gender: female

Power: Schwert
Power description: Katana along with minor enhanced speed

Personality: Arrogant, sometimes bitchy, only slightly more stable than her kampfer form.
Kampfer Personality: On just about every end of the spectrum, though the most common are bloodthirsty and shy.
Appearance: Long raven black hair and purple eyes. wears a black t-shirt and long skirt
Kampfer Appearance: Long purple hair in a pony-tail, with red eyes. Wears generally the same with an added long purple coat.

Messenger personality: Tends to never make any sense...
Messenger Appearance: Bloody and heavily cut wolf

Extra information: New to the fighting, not much experience.
Background/History: Lived a fairly normal life, though people thought her purple eyes were fairly odd. She had few friends since even the bullies tended to hate her. She moved out away from her parents as soon as she was able to, only recently became a kampfer.
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