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Post  Igellkott on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:40 pm

[*] User Name:Igellkott
[*] Age:18
[*] Deviant artist: yeerp
[*] why you want to be in blue Team: Blue team seems to suit this character, that and blue is like the ocean, and the ocean is cool.

First Name:Charlie
Age: 19
Gender: male

Power: Schwert
Power description:Two Katanas, slung low on her right hip, one above the other. Her attack style changes with changes in hand or sword grips/positions. Charlie is also very agile as a kampfer.

Charlie is fairly relaxed, sometimes infuriating people with his deceptive calmness in situations that call for panic, fear etc. He is not as calm as he appears however, but prefers to keep his emotions to himself. Charlie's patience is relatively short, expecially in regards to people judging him on his hobbies of video gaming and skateboarding.

Charlies love of all things electro (trance,hardcore,dubstep...etc) but cant exactly dance to it well, so prefers to try and make electro instead.... but thats still a work in progress.
Charlie has blonde hair, that reaches down to his neck. It is pretty messy, as he never combs it and he has deep blue eyes. He usually wears blue t-shirts and grey or black pants/shorts. He is about 6"0' tall, and wears glasses sometimes (even though he doesnt need to wear glasses)

Kampfer Personality:When Charlie transforms, he becomes much more open about his feelings. As a kampfer, Charlie has a fairly happy personality, and likes to have fun… a little too much. She cares about her friends a lot and hates people who try to take advantage of them or pick on them. Staying calm 24/7 isn't exactly her strong point.

Charlie can be sly at times, and though she doesn't see herself as smart, is told so by her school report. Her favourite food is Luxor and she has a secret addiction to video games (although this probably stems from Charlie's blatant video gaming hobby) despite her busy outdoor and social life, but as it says, she keeps it "secret".

Charlie also likes all things electro, which seems to have carried on from Charlie's love of it, and she often cant help dancing to music when she hears something she likes.

Kampfer Appearance:Charlie is 5'6" tall, with light brown hair that ends around her chest, and has deep blue eyes. She has a slender body, and usually wears a light orange shirt, with black jeans. Only wearing the school uniform when its completley necessary.

Messenger personality: Is not extremley talkative,but makes sly remarks about Charlie when in male and female form.
Messenger Appearance: Is a stitched up grizzly bear.

Extra information: For some reason, uses his first name as his name when a kampfer..
Background/History: Charlie is currently living in an apartment complex, and attends uni every so often, only really enjoying it when he is at philosophy/sociology lectures.
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