A small update with new stuff for the forums

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A small update with new stuff for the forums Empty A small update with new stuff for the forums

Post  Zenith44 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:12 pm

I have made a new forum in the teams category for mod characters.
Instead of posts being used as a currency for levels, wings, etc... we will now use points. Points are awarded automatically.
As such I cannot add posts to profiles as I thought so instead I will calculating the amount of points you would of earned ruffly and giving you that.
I have made a few small updates to rules in terms of how many points are needed for things and corrected a few mistakes I made in the threads.

Development of shops is now available. If you wish to set up one please contact me.
The rules are simple:
- You can charge what you like for stuff within reason. Certain items will not be allowed to be sold under a certain amount (eg: full metal swords cannot be $1)
- You are only allowed a stock of 10 per item (stock is replenished every week on a monday) and are limited to a list of ten products for sale
- you cannot sell kampfer weapons
- but you can sell normal weapons
- you can sell medical stufft, but not health potions or mana potions (please keep stock realitive to real life)
- Do not god-mod items
- You must tell the admin what you intend to sell before you set up shop

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