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So I just found this old character I created (well not really I went looking on the RP site, which was hard since I haven't been on it for years) lol Igellkott you remember "bleach chains of life"

Anyway thought it might be interesting to read (might make her into a kampfer character^^)
actually reading back over this i forgot how much i actually wrote O_o

if i remember rightly... goes and checks... she got a high level average, I think at the time was the 5th highest level

Name: Mizu touketsu
Age: 244 (looks 21)
Gender: Female
Mizu likes to keep to her self and tries to keep away from large crowds; But even though Mizu keeps to her self most of the time she sometimes seeks out company of friends, no one can be alone all of the time. Mizu is not so much shy, more she wants to protect others from her inner hollow, Hinote; when she is with others she seems is very happy and enjoys life but at the same time conscious of her inner hollows actions, this leaves her a bit paranoid and jumpy. She can sometimes be very stubborn and is not the type to be angered easily; instead she just glares at people who try to aggravate her. Mizu not the type of person to jump into a situation without thinking, and loves to have a well thought out plan.

Apart from training, hiking is her next favorite thing to do, she loves to hike mountains that have show or ice and spends a majority of her time hiking. When Mizu is hiking she feels as if all her worries wash away and by wearing herself out she can relax and help her clear her head of the stresses of life. Mizu prefers cold weather compared to warm or hot weather, simply because it is easier to keep warm then cool. Of course her favorite time of year is winter, snow and ice seem magical to her, the way the light plays of the glassy surface and the graceful descent of snowflakes.

Mizu’s favorite food is roast chicken, she like the ones coated in honey the most but doesn’t mind if there not, the main reason behind this is that it was the first food she tried when she came to the living world. Her favorite drink is tea or coffee, but she prefers tea because it doesn’t give her as much of a buzz; Iced coffee or tea is good to but she hates green or herbal teas. Ice cream is also a top favorite on her list, she absolutely loves it and never miss’s a chance to get some.

If Mizu had one wish it would be to have it snow forever around her, which would be very impractical but to her it would be a dream come true. Mizu enjoys figuring things out and is one of those people who must answer question one before question two, she rarely gives up but in some cases does saying that she’ll do it later or she’ll have a break and come back when she’s ready and recharged.
Mizu weighs about 70.31 kg; she does not mind her weight but would like to be a bit lighter. Mizu is around 1.64 meters in height and very slender. Mizu has ragged, wild, washed out blue hair that falls down to her waist. Mizu has the sides of her fringe tied with a sky blue ribbon interlaced with red. Mizu also wears goggles on her head to help tie back her hair; the goggle looks like skiing goggles and are tinted blue with black rims. She almost never washes her hair, partly because she’s always on the run but also because she does not own a house or shower. She hates her hair when it blows in the breeze but tends like high places and hiking, go figure.

Her eyes are a bright topaz and have a soft feel to them, but if you look deeper there is a cold lonely soul isolated from the world. Her skin is a pale peach and slightly cold to the touch; she also has a tendency to bit her lips leaving them chapped. She smells strongly of mint leaves, probably because she wants to hide the fact she doesn’t wash much. On her left shoulder she has a large scar, about thirty centimeters long. She got the scar while training when she was little; she got a bit over excited and as a consequence got hurt due to her rash, wild actions.

Mizu likes to wear cloths that are larger then her size and the shinigami robes are no exception. She has an extra large ice blue waist tie that drops down to the ground. And the white on her robes are tinged a light blue. Her Zanpakuto’s sheath is secured to her waist tie and is snow white with a vertical black strip going down the sheath.

Hollow Mask:
Mizu’s hollow mask looks like a warped snowflake merged with a sparkling waterfall that curves round her head. The snowflake itself is a pale blue and has streaks of white and sky blue flashing through it. The masks mouth is formed from the shape on the snowflake. The mask at the edges spirals and wisps off into ornate patterns, and there is a wing shaped pattern in the middle of the mask.

When Hinote takes over the mask glows a deep red and her eyes glow an intense demonic blue, and Mizu goes into an uncontrollable rage destroying everything until she calms down or faints from overexertion.

When equipping her mask Mizu spreads her finger’s out from the center of her face, and lifts them off. Mizu can keep her mask on for a maximum of thirteen posts, but if the situation is bad or she is in a bad condition this can reduce by four posts or more. After using her hollow mask Misu tends to feel a little drunk and dizzy, this throws her accuracy off and misguides her judgment of distances.

Hollow Powers:
Hinote bala: Mizu can fire off bala that is mixed with fire, this gives the bala fire damage properties. The bala looks like a fireball but moves faster and explodes on impact. Those on a higher level might experience light burns, as those on a lower level would experience much more damage such as heavy burns. This attack is avoidable; and can be blocked. Once used, this attack takes one post to recharge and then can be used on the next post.

Like all Vizards when Mizu adorns her mask she get an increase in speed, strength, stamina and spiritual power; she can also use the standard Vizard abilities:

Reiryoku Absorption: Like hollow, in mask form, Mizu can absorb spiritual power from her surroundings; and like shinigami she produces her own natural spiritual power. By having both these powers Mizu can absorb wasted power she produces and power from her surroundings, this makes her techniques more efficient.

Mask shielding: Mizu can ignore bodily harm or reduce injury inflicted while wearing her mask, but at the cost of shortening the masks time span by one post per attack.

Power augmentation: When Mizu adorns her mask via the subjection of her inner hollow, she gains access to an additional source of power, separate to that of her shinigami power. The combined effect of both these powers, augment her spiritual power beyond that of a hollow or shinigami.
Inner Hollow:
Hinote (fire/blaze):
Hinote looks like a massive snowman wearing a pitch-black top hat with a stained blood red strip. His eyes are a dark topaz and glow demonically, always frowning. His arms are made from trees trunks roots and all, and they are a dead brown. His main body is made of three segments: bottom, body and head. His bottom is the largest part, his head is the smallest and the body is in between. All the segments are spherical and are a dull gray interfused with dirty white. When Mizu gives into Hinote, or he gets angry, his body bursts out in flames and he becomes a burning snowman, it is quite a terrifying sight to behold. Hinote goes into blind rage destroying and burning everything in sight.

Hinote can’t speak, he can only growl, grumble and roar. He is hot headed and gets angered easily, but mizu can hold him back by keeping calm and collected. Mizu generally distances’ her self from people, because if she lets her emotions get the better of her Hinote will raise his head and try to take over. Hinote is the peak of all Mizu’s fear and depression, he whispers in her ear and tries to convince her into doing what he wants her to do. Hinote prays on Mizu’s weaknesses and will not hold back, exploiting every opportunity to take over Mizu. Mizu has to stay calm and collected, Even thou Hinote can’t speak human tongue Mizu can understand his growls and rumbles.

Zampakuto's name:
Aisu hokku (ice hook)
Zampakuto Spirit:
Aisu hokku whcich means Ice hook, is a polar bear cub. He has soft shining-white fur, and little paws. Aisu hokku has large shiny black eyes and a little black nose; he is always smiley and overly happy. Aisu hokku is quite playful and likes to run around allot, which helps him to escape Hinote., Mizu’s inner hollow.

Mizu calls Aisu hokku, Aisu for short and is her best friend in the whole world; he always brings a smile to her face even when she is down. Aisu has a child-like personality; he is very playful and speaks using only a few syllables per sentence, he loves to run around and always finds something to do. Aisu likes to explore and go on pretend adventures; he has a very curios nature and is always getting himself into mischief, you know what they say curiosity killed the cat.

Un-released Zampakuto's Appearance:
Aisu hokku in its un-released form, hilt is a snow-white handle with a black strip; on the black strip there is a sky-blue diamond, which is glows and pulsates plain blue and sky blue. The blade is mainly black with metallic silver up the edge; it is vey sturdy and is 73cm in length. The handle is made from a strong bone-like material; the blade and black strip on the hilt is made from a titanium alloy.

Her Zanpakuto’s sheath is secured to her waist tie and is snow white with a vertical black strip going down the sheath. The sheath is also made from bone and the black strip is a made from a titanium alloy.

Shikai Release phrase::
Roam the ice, Aisu hokku
Shikai Appearance::
The sword is a dark metallic color, and is one complete piece. There are two ornately decorated circles at the bottom of the handle and the bottom of the blade; the top circle sends its ornate interweaving pattern up the blade and across to from the hand guard. The bottom circle forms the hilt and sprouts the handle. The blade itself is large and with a massive curved edge, and the tip flicks back on its self. It is made of a strong light titanium alloy, and when light hits it, it reflection looks like that of light though water.

Shikai Abilities::
Aisu Faia: (Ice Fire): Aisu Hokku gains a blue fiery aura, and when Mizu strikes an enemy it causes cold damage to the area hit. (Ice forming, numbness, frostbite or mild bruising). The attack is avoidable, and can be blocked; not all the effects are inflicted. For those on a lower power level, ice forming and frostbite have more chance of happening. Those on a higher level have less chance of them and are more likely to experience the lesser effects of numbness or mild bruising. It takes three posts to recharge and drains Mizu a fair bit, leaving her panting.

Aisu Kiba (Ice Fang): When Mizu uses Aisu Kiba Aisu forms a large icicle on the end of it. It takes one post to recharge: Mizu uses Aisu Kiba, next post recharges, and she can use it again; if she wants. Mizu uses this ability to gain extra length on her sword, it can be blocked/avoided; the ice can be broken by those three levels higher then her. Mizu often uses it when up close to her opponent, to catch them unaware. This ability cannot stack on itself and the ice will fade out after two posts.
Bankai Description:
There blade and the handle are one, joined by the power emanating from the sapphire blue crystal. The whole thing is made of a type of ice, stronger then steel. The ice fragments float around the crystal making the shape of an upside-down kite. One of the fragments is shaped to form a handle and is part of the main base for holding the crystal. All the fragments can move individually and can change length by 30cm, to allow for a longer blade.

Mizu also transforms, she gains two armbands, and two leg bands. Both made from a snow-white fur. She also acquires gloves and ugg-boots made from the same material.

Bankai Abilities:
Stamina up: Mizu gains a small increase in stamina (Physical or mental strength to resist fatigue and tiredness. Someone with good stamina, or hardship; endurance)

Ice manipulation: In bankai form Mizu can manipulate ice, but she has to be touching the source to do it. When Mizu is manipulating the ice it continually drains her of reiatsu, until she stops. The larger the quantity of ice the more reiatsu is required to manipulate it. This ability allows her to manipulate Aisu Hokku in bankai form, this opens up varies amount of battle maneuvers.

Soul sapphire: The sapphire on Aisu Hokku, in bankai, flashes and forms a hollow sphere of ice around Mizu to block attacks. The sapphire utilizes the water in the air and Mizu’s reiatsu to form the ice sphere, so when it is dry or there is less water in the air like in a desert this ability is less effective; but when there is allot of water like near a lake or sea, this ability is much stronger. This ability takes four posts to recharge and can be broken; and soon after the ice has blocked the attack it shatters. In normal conditions, opponents one or more levels higher then Mizu can break the ice and get through, the ice would block those on a lower level. When it is dry, those on a lower level can break the ice and get through, and those on a higher level would easily be able to get through. When near lots of water, only those two levels higher then Mizu can break the ice and get through. One major weakness of this ability is it is designed only to block one attack, so multiple attacks would get through no problem. Soul sapphire takes a fair bit of reiatsu and leaves Mizu huffing and puffing.

Skill Level: Kidou: Intermediate
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Advanced
Skill Level: Shunpou: Advanced
Skill Level: Hand-to-hand: Intermediate
Mizu Touketsu history begins with her becoming a spirit, and the time when she started to count her age of 171. Mizu awoke as a spirit she was in a field of crisp dewy grass. There was frosty snow covering the ground in patches, and no human activity in sight. She tried to remember how she got there but as hard as she tried she couldn’t remember, her stomach rumbled. She looked around for any sign of food, and then looked down at her chest to see some sort of chain. “What is this?” She screamed tugging at he chain, but to no avail. She tried again but still the chain didn’t budge, looking around again she decided to get out of there, it was cold and she was hungry. Mizu choose a random direction and walked, and walked, and walked.

Eventual she came to a road, looking left and right seeing nothing but the horizon. Then *Ahhhhhh, roar* a terrible sound came from across the road, beyond the dark dense trees. Night was closing in. Mizu stood in fear at the edge of the road, the sound was not human and definitely not natural. *Ahhhhh, Rawor* Again this time it sounded closer. Whatever was making the sound was coming in her direction; then the trees began to part, and Mizu could hear the sound of crunching footsteps. A gigantic gangrenous, horrifying monster came into view; the trees were only slightly bigger then it but still was no match for its inhuman strength. Mizu stood still in fear, shock and horror. The monster looked at her making direct eye contact, it made the horrible screaming, roaring noise and began to make its way onto the road. Bright lights, a truck, a collision, an explosion and then nothing. Mizu had fallen over by the force and was looking at the wreckage, stunned by the event; there was only the sound of fire crackling and the monster nowhere to be seen. A fuel truck had come haring down the road and collided with the monster, she was sure that was what happened. Getting up she tried to rush over to the wreckage but the flames were too hot and she soon realized that no one could of survived; she still wanted to help so she run aimlessly down the road, hoping that she would come by some sort of civilization.

After a whole night or running she came to the outskirts of a city, seeing it made her run faster. Looking round frantically for someone to tell, she saw a shopkeeper opening up his store. “Hey, Mister, Mister please help me” she shouted in a distressed voice. The man made no reaction and carried on with what he was doing. She shouted again this time louder and closer, but still nothing. Again and again she shouted, but the shopkeeper ignored her and seemed to hear a thing. She waved her hands around in his face and went to tap him on the shoulder when someone from behind shouted. “Hey you there, little girl.” Mizu turned around to see a man dressed in black robe and wielding some sort of katana. Mizu ran up to the man explaining her situation, but before she could get half way through the man genially tapped her on the forehead with the hilt of his sword. A strange warm feeling came over Mizu, she fell silent, feeling calm and relaxed and then blacked out.

Mizu woke to find herself in a strange house; it was made from boards’ wood and had 4 bunk beds in it, which was surprising since it was so small. An old lady came over and helped her, she explained what had happened and answered Mizu’s questions. According to the old lady the man she meet was a shinigami and he had buried her soul, that’s how she got here. The old lady also explained that here was a place called the soul society and they were in Rukogai district 4, also the shingami lived in the richer part called Seireitei. When Mizu asked how one gets into Seiretei, the old lady told her the story of her son and how he became a shinigani and was now out of the academy. It was then when a shinigami walked into the room, the old lady rushed in and hugged him saying how great it was that he could visit. Mizu recognized the shinigami as the one she had meet in the living world. Mizu slapped him and told him off for interrupting her. He said he would make it up to her, and that he would hear out the whole story. Mizu grinned and told him that she would forgive him if he helped her become a shinigami. He obviously said no but his mum, the old lady, had a different idea. Forced into training Mizu, he started off by helping he to become spiritually aware and how to use her reiatsu.

Mizu worked her way into the academy with her shinigami friends’ help. They become great friends and rivals, Mizu always trying to prove that she was better and was always right. In the academy Mizu discovered her Zampakuto and its spirit. One dark starry night Mizu was training in the soul society’s ice caped mountains, when she looked up at the stars snowflakes started to fall. Mizu began to her a childish voice whispering in her ear, she listened hard trying to pick up what it was saying; the harder she listened and asked to know the clearer the voice became till she could understand it. “Aisu Hokku” She muttered out loud, a small polar bear cub leapt out of nowhere making Mizu jump. The cub laughed and rolled around. Mizu asked who it was and what it was doing here. The cub laughed explaining that she knew his name and he was her Zampakuto spirit, he also explained how she could use his power. While he was explaining he was playing around and speaking in a silly voice. Then he faded in the snow, leaving Mizu more excited then ever. She ran down the mountain and told her friends, they all thought it was great how she had discovered her Zampakuto spirit.

Mizu graduated from the academy into 10th squad, she was dispatched into the living world to eliminate hollow and protect humans, she also made many friends in 4th squad and picked up on some healing tips. After twenty years Mizu discovered her bankai; how she gained it was a most unusual way of getting it, it consisted of beating Aisu Hokku in a series of children’s games. Even though it was unusual, it was not easy in to say the least. Aisu Hokku sometimes cheated and had much more experience then Mizu in how the games work. In the end it took Mizu ten attempts to beat Aisu, Mizu did not tell anyone of her bankai because she felt that if anyone found out how she got it they would laugh at, and shun, her.

Mizu liked to explore the soul society in her spare time, but little did she know it would be the reason that she could never return. One day she stumbled along a shack in the forest, inside was a whole heap of lab equipment and chemicals. Mizu carelessly knock one of the shelves making it break and its contents spilling over her. Covered in chemicals she walked over to the sink thinking she could wash it off with some water, but the tap didn’t work. So she decided to go back home to wash off but as soon as she got outside an immense pain took over, her vision blurred and her head spun; then she fell into black.

She awoke her head splitting with pain; there were a group of people around her whispering to each other. They explained that she was brought her by a shnigami and that she could no longer go back to the soul society. Mizu asked why, the people explained that she was now an outcast and told her of what had happened and what she had become. Mizu listened intently crying, trying to deny that she had become what they said and that it was a lie and she was a shinigami and belonged in the soul society. It took her a month to get over everything and except that she was a Vizard. The people helped her to control her inner hollow, Hinote. Hinote although he couldn’t speak human scared Mizu and drove her insane with all his whispering. Mizu’s only escape from Hinote was when she could keep cool, calm and relaxed; Hiking and training helped her achieve this.

While going through the intense training the other Vizards put her through she concentrated on rebuilding her life. This was not easy since she had only been to the living world on patrol and missions, so she had no experience in the conduct of day-to-day life in the living world. First she would need a place to live; she could always stay with the other Vizards, but it would be nice to have a place for her self. Next issue would be food; again she could leach off the other Vizards but she really didn’t wants to burden them. Money, now that was the main issue, if she wanted a place to stay or food to eat money would be a need. In the end she got help from the other Vizards, money wise and house wise. Her house was not big but for Mizu it did what she needed, it was a small cottage at the base of a mountain. The house had four rooms in total: Bathroom/toilet, a living room, kitchen and a bedroom. But to make up or the lack of house space there was a good-sized shed and no other houses in the area. This meant Mizu had the garden expand out onto the mountain.

Mizu spent years of intensive training, not because she wanted power but because she wanted to drive out the evil whispers of Hinote, power was only a outcome of this. In this time she was able to fully master her bankai and increase her hollow masks time limits. As she became stronger, it became easier for her to block out Hinote. Aisu Hokku was always there for her and helped her along. The one thing that kept her going the one thing that motivated her was the urge to go back to the soul society and find out who had left her here and why they didn’t stay, she wanted to know what happened to her and what happened to her friends. She had to know, she would know.

RP Sample:
Mizu Touketsu leapt out from behind the rock swinging Aisu Hokku diagonally downward from left to right, Then swinging her Zampakuto round spinning to face where she had come from. Training was a daily activity in Mizu’s life, and very important. Mizu thrust Aisu Hokku forward and then swung Aisu in a vertical circle, past her left shoulder, stepping forward as she did so.

Taking a break Mizu walked over to a rock where her drink was placed. She grabbed it and lifted herself onto the rock. As she sat there she observed the surroundings, the sky was a firry orange and the clouds tinted by it. The sun was low it was obviously still early in the morning, around six Mizu guessed. It was a good view from the up on the mountain, where she was training. She could see the city far bellow, some more rocks and some trees were in the sight of the base but that was okay. Where she was training had short lush-green grass and few trees, there were two or three large boulders and a couple of smaller rocks. Mizu liked it here it helped her to relax.

“Hey, Mizu” Said a friend as he walked up to where Mizu was sitting. “You are up early, and did you forget that I wanted to train with you today.” He stood in front of the rock his arms on his hip and glaring at Mizu, not angrily but jokingly.

Mizu looked down at him and said. ”I didn’t forget your late, well since you’re here…” Mizu pounced off the rock drawing her Zampakuto and swinging it down. ”… Let us begin.”

The friend drew his Zampakuto blocking the attack almost falling over in the effort. “Don’t do that” He shouted swinging his Zampakuto at waist height.

Landing, Mizu effortlessly parried the attack and pointed her Zampakuto at him. ”If I don’t do it you will never learn.” She then thrust Aisu Hokku forward; then changing direction spun in a tight loop and came out, her Zampakuto swinging at shoulder height.

”Ahhh!” the friend said as he blocked Mizu’s attack making him slide across the ground. “I don’t get how you can be that strong and look like that.” Recovering his balance he swung back at Mizu.

Using a downward swing she knocked his blade away effortlessly. ”I train every day, its simply a matter of practice makes perfect. And if you didn’t notice, I used the force from the spin to increase the power behind my swing. You really have to pick up on things like that or training is useless.” Mizu then flicked her Zampakuto upward at her opponent’s sword, aiming to disarm him.

Mizu flicked his sword up into the air, and it landed in the ground about five meters away. “Why you do that?” he shouted.

Mizu sheathed her Zampakuto and glared at him. ”Always be readyyou’re your opponent to do something unexpected, if you can’t handle the battle get out of there. You lose, I win; now we can begin hand to hand combat.”

”Ahhhh, you move on too fast” Sigh* its not like he could prevent it, she was so stubborn sometimes.

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