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Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:50 pm

NPC (non player computer)

well in this case you'll have to play them but anyhow, NPC can be anything from rouge kampfer to thugs or just other people, like your characters relatives. As far as rules on NPCs go there isn't much:
[*] No Team specific NCP kampfer, always rouge (read bellow on rouge kampfer rules)
[*] Please keep it realistic to the theme, for example no aliens or giant robots that shot fire-bolts
[*] No god moding with NCP

Rouge Kampfer Rules

- All rouge kampfer wear brown contract bracelets
- They can be any of the three types
- Rouge kampfer are non-specific characters meaning they have no name nor appearance, unless specified by an event.
- Normal RP rules apply (no god moding, no flaming... etc)
- Rouge kampfer are always in there kampfer from and do not have a normal/human form (Reason will become clearer as events unfold)

Common god mod:

And about ten thousand rouge kampfer appeared
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