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Role Play rules Empty Role Play rules

Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:53 pm

RP rules are important and will be followed

[*] Do not spam or double post (see posting rules for more on spam)
[*] Do not address the user in your RP post (unless absolutely necessary, in which case please use {out of character brackets})
[*] Please RP in third person
[*] DO NOT GOD MOD meaning your not allowed all the power in the world or the ability to control others
[*] Please keep posts lengthy but of good quality (again more a request then a rule)
[*] Please keep abusive language to minimum (otherwise I will make it none at all)
[*] NO sexual activity in posts (Echi is okay, hentai is not, yuri and yaoi are okay, sexual yuri and yaoi is not) please keep in mind we are not all over 18, keep it to the same level as the ANIME
[*] please keep up to date on your posts
[*] Please make sure the thread is alive and up to date
[*] Please do not post on finished threads
[*] Please read the tread before posting

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