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Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:55 pm

What does Zauber include?
Well Zauber is magic so allot of things but for all purpose I'll list most here:
- Fire
- Earth
- Wind
- Water
- Thunder
- Energy (like plasma)
- gravity (to a certain extent)
- Psychic

Forbidden elements:
- Light/dark (Only available for obsidian and white kampfer)
- Time
- Space (matter manipulation)

What allowed with Zauber and whats not?
I don't wish to constrict creativity so I'll make the rules quite loose
- You are allowed to have elemental manipulation but no creation at the same time (and vis versa) [eg. Can manipulate water but can't spawn water jets out of her hands]
- Powers must be more specific then just [element: Fire]
- Do not god mod [eg. Zauber: fire - can control the sun]
- If you can create or control elements then please specify how much and to what extent

These rules are not here to restrict what you can do with Zauber, they are here to help keep the RP fair

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