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Bans and Warnings Empty Bans and Warnings

Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:57 pm

At Kampfer RP we have a three strikes and your out on the fourth strike, way of doing things. If you break a rule or do something which is considered an offence then you will be given a official warning, for some things like double posting a staff member may just give you an unofficial warning meaning you would still have your chances.

So let me outline this in a more organised and understandable way:
(1st)- You have three warnings on the fourth offence you get a one week ban
- For less suaver offences (like: triple posting) a staff member may just tell you off instead of officially warning
- After your first ban your name will be in a list on the admin forum
(2nd)- After your first ban you will have another chance on the second warning you get another one week ban
(3rd)- After your second ban is over your next offence will earn you a one month ban
(4th)- After which you'll get a perm ban if commit another single offence.

So as you can see 3 strikes and out on the 4th (not only in the first set of warnings but in banning aswel)

What is considered a warn-able offence?
- Over the top flaming... on purpose
- Harassing staff and other members in anyway
- trolling (Ah you sneaky trolls I have a special torture for you Twisted Evil)
- Killing other characters without permission
- God-moding (If its an accident then I'm sure staff will understand)
- You can read the rest of the rules for other offences and judge for yourself what is considered warn-able

[size=150]Extremities of the above offence can incur a immediate one week ban or perm ban[/size]
This all depends on who, what, when, where, why and the repotting staff member

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