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The entrance to the school, namely one of the few places where both genders are actually in the same area.
Marisa sat silently on a bench in front of the school. She wished she could try and go to school again and maybe try harder to get some friends... Though she knew she would probably just do the same crap over again. For now she stared at the red bracelet on her arm, the one that had appeared after she had taken that accursed to stuffed wolf back to her home. now she just couldn't get rid of it. She glanced behind her to make sure no one was coming yet, it wasn't quite time for people to show up at the school yet, though a good few were bound to show up early.

Charlie muttered darkly to herself, tugging the belt a little looser around her waist as she walked towards the school entrance. Scowling at the blue bracelet on her arm, she wondered exaclty how she had woken up like this. last night, as far as she knew, she had been a perfectly normal guy. Oh yes... that stupid stuffed grizzly she found in her bag last week had spoken to her. Something about fighting other people for something something. Charlie almost stopped listening at that point. It was bad enough to realise that she didnt have any clothes for girls, so instead had to wear the smallest stuff that she had for a guy, which was still pretty loose on her anyway.

Sighing, she pushed some of her now brown hair out of her eyes, the bracelet sliding down her arm as she dropped it back to her side. Reaching the school entrance, she noticed almost no one was around, and glanced at her watch.

"Oh come on..." Charlie said, yawning a little. She had read the clock wrong as she rushed to eat breakfast that morning, and had figured she was going to be late. 'So much for that..' she thought as she dropped her bag next to the entrance and sat down.

Marisa heard someone enter the school entrance and kept watch on them out of the corner of her eye. From the angle she couldn't really make out details, but she had grown paranoid of people wondering why someone at her age was at the school, even if just at the entrance.She stayed still for a while then glanced behind her again, then started walking towards Charlie. "Early bird huh? I'm wondering what people would think if you were late...and maybe a bit bloody." She hated those better than her...and definitely showed it.

Before Charlie could answer Marisa blinked and looked down at her now slightly shining Red bracelet. "...What is it... annoying thing." She wasn't sure what was happening.. She didn't understand a word that her messenger had told her.

"Early bird...?" Charlie said, stopping when she saw the red bracelet on Marisa's arm. Glancing at her own, she looked at Marisa cautiously, tilting her head back to get a better angle. This girl was acting a little odd, from what Charlie could tell.

"A bit bloody..?" she murmured, not quite sure what Marisa meant. Grabbing her bag, Charlie stoood up and hitched it onto her shoulder, glancing at her watch. Waking up as a girl defnitely isnt the best thing to see in the morning. She noticed a faint blue glow out of the corner of her eye, and realised it was that blue bracelet on her arm. Lifting it up to eye level, she inspected it for a moment.

"I didnt know this could glow."

Marisa looked back over at Charlie. "What you have one too? a blue one huh.....did someone play a prank on put these on in our sleep?" She suddenly shifted into her kampfer form, her hair going purple and into a ponytail, her eyes turning red, and a sheathed katana in her left hand... despite the almost scary look she stared at the ground and backed away shyly. "S-sorry...i-I'll go now." She started to run off, a fair bit faster than should have been expected.

"Yeah i have one too...." Charlie said, watching Marisa back away and start to run off. Slightly confused, Charlie decided to go after her, curious that she too had a bracelet, even if it was a different colour to hers. 'Maybe someone did prank us in our sleep... but that doesnt explain how im a girl now..' Charlie thought, and shook her head. Thinking about why it happened made her head spin too much at the moment.

"Hey, wait up!" Charlie called out, as she ran after Marisa.

Marisa glanced behind her and tried to run faster as She saw Charlie chasing her. She managed to slip on a wet spot on the ground and fell, face first. She shakily sat back up, her left hand almost instinctively searching for the katana she lost on the fall. "ooww..."

Wincing when she saw Marisa fall, she caught up to her and stopped a short distance away when she actually noticed the katana in her hand.

"Are you alright? Why are you running away anyway?.."

Marisa stared at her silently for a little bit before looking at the ground. "I-i don't know..." 'What am i doing....I'm not usually so shy at all...'

Glancing at the katana again, Charlie stepped forward and offer her hand to Marisa. 'Not usually this shy? maybe this tranformation thing changed personalities as well as gender.'

"Need a hand getting up?"

Marisa slowly shook her and and stood up shakily. "...W-why are you wanting to...not hurt me? I-i just...threatened to beat you up." She glanced to the side, obviously not wanting to do that now.

Charlie looked at Marisa strangely. If this was how people got beat up these days, Charlie was living in a very secluded world.
"Hurt you? im not sure whyyy you would think tha- is it because of this bracelet/transformation thing?" Charlie asked, curious again. Marisa appeared to have a weapon, but Charlie couldnt seem to find any belonging to her at the moment, but decided to worry about that later.

"And im not sure this is what you call being threatened to be beaten up" She said, smiling at Marisa a little.

"Im Charlie."

Marisa looked up at Charlie with her eyes narrowed as she spoke of the bracelets. Her Shakiness seemed to suddenly be gone as she slowly pulled the katana out of its sheath. "Marisa. Welcome to hell." She held the katana in front of her, pointed at Charlie, waiting for any movement.

"Welcome to hell....?" Charlie said slowly, looking at Marisa.

"Oh come on!" She said, taking a few steps back, wondering if she had a weapon at all. Taking another step back, she felt something hard hit her leg, and galncing down saw two katanas hanging off her belt. Too surprised to try and use one, Charlie merely looked back at Marisa with wide eyes and began running back towards the schol entrance.

"This is not a good morning to turn into a girl."

Marisa sprinted after her, moving undoubtedly faster with her extra speed, soon catching up. If She did manage to catch up she would make a large horizontal slash at Charlie. "Sorry, but you need to die right about now."

"Im too young to die!" Charlie yelled, running as fast as she could through the school entrance as she tryed to think of a way to escape this crazy person. Realising that she wasnt going to out run Marisa, Charlie jumped out of the way of Marisa's attack and attempted to tugged one of the katana's off her belt.

"Why do you want to kill me?"

Marisa giggled madly. "Because it told me i need to." She lunged at Charlie and slashed at her again. She had apparently gone insane.

"It told you?" Charlie said, wondering if 'it' was the same it she was thinking of. Swearing under her breath, Charlie scrambled out of the way of Marisa's sword and yanked one of her own from its sheath. A little surprised at its weight, she stared at it, unsure of what to do. Shaking her head a little, Charlie glanced about for an escape route. Up a tree, through the school and out a window, over a fence, anything would be better than being chased by this apparently insane girl.

"Ignoring your insanity.... i dont want to fight you." Charlie said loudly as she eyeing Marisa's sword nervously, "You know what its like to be a guy one morning and wake up as a girl the next? freaking scary, thats what."

"Guy or Girl, it doesn't matter. Dead is dead." She laughed insanely again and lunged at Charlie, aiming for her head with the blade. (sorry if i cant do long posts at this time, my brain is fried)

Ducking out of the way, Charlie jumped to the side again.

"What, a guy turning into a girl doesnt freak you out at all?"

Frowning a little, Charlie jumped up into a nearby tree. "Either way, i dont want to get stabbed so im leaving. Your one scary piece of work ya know that?"

Marisa stared up at Charlie for a moment before sheathing her katana. Her shyness suddenly came back.

"It's....not like i wanted this. I just finally understood what it said. For now i think this is my only meaning in life. Not like i ever had anything better to do."

She turned and started walking away from the school entrance. "Maybe you'll die another time, figure out how to fight before then..."

"Fighting as the only meaning in life?" Charlie said, crouching on the tree branch as she watched Marisa walk away. She sat against the tree trunk, dangling a leg over the edge of the branch. She was exhausted from this crazy morning.

"Figure out.... how to fight?" Charlie muttered,lifting the katana up onto her lap to look at it. Sighing softly, she wondered if anyone else had experienced a morning so confusing. She wondered how long Marisa had been a...a kampfer for. She seemed to know how to use a sword, to say the least.

"Whats the time anywa- oh god!" Charlie said, sheathing her sword and dropping off the branch a little awkwardly. Running towards the school, she slowed as it dawned on her that she had read the wrong day... and consequently didnt have any classes at all. Hitting her head softly on the door, she turned around and trudged back out the main gate and yawned.

"Lets hope im normal again tomorrow...but today would be nice."

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