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Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:54 pm

On confirmation of character you character will be ranked according to the following system:

Each rank is made of three levels (low/medium/high)
- Master
- Expert
- Advanced
- Beginner
- Newbie
That a total of 15 levels

What determines my characters power rank/level?
First of all the quality of your application, a good application will be rank in accordance with a good rank. The RP sample at the end of your application is probably the most importent for this. The RP sample should show that you can RP, that you are able to RP with quality and quantity and finally, write interesting posts.

The second thing that determine your power level is all the minor thing about your character. Take for example the age of a character, an 18year old would do better for ranking then a 12year old or a 72year old; and a 23year would do better then that. Yes the 72year old is wise, experienced and powerful but time has taken its toll and kampfer are human after all. Other things that might determine your characters power is their history (Admins/mods please take time to read them) Personality might also effect the power level, ultimately it is all down to how you write your character.

How do I get a higher Rank?
In two simple ways but only these ways:

One: Show that you have one thousands points and you'll be granted levels (eg. Master low+1000=Master high) If you are all ready the highest level for your rank then you'll be granted the next rank medium level. So in effect 2 levels per 1000 points. Just re-submit your app with [1000] in front of the topic name. Admins please when confirming new rank/level add the reason for doing so (confirmed master-high 1000points) One character use only per 1000 points. Admins will check and remove point payment from your account.

Two: Resubmit your character for re-evaluation. Minor changes will most likely be unnoticed and not count. You are only allowed to resubmit your character for re-evaluation once every 2 weeks. Changes to the application must be more then just eye colour or hair colour, etc... Power changes are excepted on the base tat the type of power does not change and remain in some what way similar to the original

power: zauber
description: 2meter wind sword
power: gewehr
Power: Zauber
description: fire balls
When re-submitting please put the topic name with [ReRank] in front. An admin will confirm and remove it when done. basically this is the same as the first evaluation.
[size=150]DO NOT alter the original MAKE it in a NEW POST[/size]

I feel I was not rank fairly?
If you have an issue with an admin or staff member please do not take the matter into your own hands but contact another admin. But if thats not the case you just think that you've been marked harshly PLEASE DO NOT WHINE ABOUT IT. You can ask why and the marker will kindly tell you why KINDLY! if you come across nice and not annoying we might even remark it for you ^.-

ADMIN QUESTION: Can I remark a application already marked by another mod/admin?
Only if its me lol kidding but if it is me go ahead, I know I mark very generously. Actually don't it not fair to pay around with peoples ranks like toys.
In TRUTH no you are not allowed to remark an application already marked by another unless its being resubmitted. If you have to please talk to the marker. Listen and learn they might even have forgot something or you might have missed something. The Key thing is understanding with applications. No you can't mark your own ether full stop.

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