White/obsidian kampfer Moderators rules

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White/obsidian kampfer Moderators rules Empty White/obsidian kampfer Moderators rules

Post  Zenith44 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:56 pm

Only Admins and Kampfer RP staff are allowed to make White/obsidian Kampfer Moderators. One per staff member. So please do not submit applications for them. White/obsidian kampfer mods can use the normal character applications most rules will still apply. Tho Ranking will be different for mods (MOD Rank) You can't have blue/red mods they will remain as they are as unknowns and will change according to the Manga/Anime.

Why do staff get mods thats unfair?
Not really its their right for being active role players and long serving members of the forums. Sakura is available as a cannon for members. Do not ask for mods or to become staff, if you want to become a staff member show us and we might promote you.

Also in effect this makes kampfer mods in game mods, so staff can monitor and manage RPs without disturbing the flow of the RP.

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